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Moonblue's Profile
Avatar Member Stats Upcoming Events Raids by Zone

Status: Active
First Raid: Feb. 25, 2010
Last Raid: Jul. 15, 2010
Lifetime Raids: 333
Lifetime Items: 10
30 Day Participation: 0%
90 Day Participation: 0%
No upcoming events.
Icecrown Citadel: 307
The Obsidian Sanctum: 2

Details for Moonblue » Go to History Page » View all Looted Items
Recent RaidsRecent ItemsCharacter DetailsRequested Items
Jul. 15, 2010Professor Putricide5.20
Jul. 15, 2010Rotface2.60
Jul. 15, 2010Festergut0.00
Jul. 15, 2010Deathbringer Saurfang5.20
Jul. 15, 2010Gunship Battle8.21
Jul. 15, 2010Lady Deathwhisper5.20
Jul. 15, 2010Lord Marrowgar0.00
Jul. 15, 2010Lord Marrowgar2.00
Corpse-Impaling Spike
Phylactery of the Nameless Lich
Crushing Coldwraith Belt
Conqueror's Mark of Sanctificati
Conqueror's Mark of Sanctificati
Warlock Standing :: 4 / 5
This character has no requests.
Raid RPP: 991.54Item RPP: -1085.84Current RPP: -72.98

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