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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 3:15 pm    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Dark Favor


Dark Favor is a Horde guild on the Sisters of Elune server. Our goal is to bring together a group of people who will become a cohesive collection of friends, good players, and those who enjoy the thrill of accomplishment. As a basic creed, we expect little more than common sense: respect your guild mates, know how to play your class, and be mature. Our main goal in Dark Favor is to conquer the PvE adventures in the World Of Warcraft. As we mature and grow, we will be raiding three to four times per week. Along the way, we will work together on quests and dungeons as well as on continuing advancement as players and as members of our respective classes and professions. And don’t think we’ve forgotten about PvP. While we may focus on PvE, we find plenty of opportunities to crush the Alliance. If you want to role-play while doing so, our response is, “Woot thou.”

Be advised that if you’re looking for a free ride (i.e. power-leveling, free items, and/or “can sum1 tke me thru teh dungeon”), Dark Favor is not the guild for you. We’re all here to have fun in Wow. Anyone who plays their class well and shows some initiative will have to fight off people who want to help them. But if you’re looking to coast, go back to the Alliance.

To apply, send a Private Message to Kyndern, Kregan or Midnightdawn via these forums.

Recruitment Status: Open for Ret Paladins

Minimum Requirements:
Level 80
Must be able to attend raid times. Tues, Thurs and Monday at 8 server until 11 server.

* * *

To apply for membership, please use the following as the application. Send it as a Private Message to Kyndern, Kregan or Midnightdawn and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

-- Character Information --

- Please tell us about your main character by answering the following questions:

* What is your character's name?
* What level is your character?
* What race is your character?
* What class is your character?
* What spec is your character?

- Do you have any level 80 or higher alts? If yes, what are their names/classes/races?

- What were your previous guilds? What were your reasons for leaving?

- What are your past PvE/PvP experiences?

-- Playtime --

- We raid 3-4 nights a week. Most of our members are in the Central time zone, so our raids usually start at 8:00 PM server time on weekdays and 5:00pm server time on weekends. Does this schedule work for you? We expect our raiders to have great attendance and to be on time for raids.

-- About you --

- Do you have a decent computer (not crashing or getting 1FPS constantly) and a decent internet connection (not disconnecting frequently)?

- Ventrilo is required, so I'll assume you can get that, but do you have a mic?

- Do you play any other games frequently? Have you played any other MMORPGs extensively?

- Anything else you'd like to mention about yourself?

- Why do you wish to become a member of Dark Favor?

- Do you have any questions about the guild?

- And, finally, do you have any friends currently in Dark Favor who can vouch for you?

* * *


Within one (1) week, your application will be processed and you will be notified in game or via e-mail that you have been accepted for a trial membership.

Trial membership will last for a minimum of two (2) weeks. The trial membership period may be extended if the officers feel they do not have enough information to vote on full membership status.

Trial members are required to do the following to display their commitment to joining Dark Favor.

* Introduce yourself on the forums. This post should contain the following:

- A little bit about you.
- What you hope to get out of being a member of Dark Favor.
- When you usually play WoW.

* Take part in guild events. It is important that you attempt to take part in as many guild events as possible. These usually include raiding, 5 man groups, but also extend into any guild meetings or special events that might take place. This is one of the best ways for the membership of Dark Favor to get to know you and display your talents.

Voting for full membership will take place a minimum of to (2) weeks after the trial period has begun. In order to gain full membership within the guild, it will take a ¾ majority of voting officers (abstaining votes will not be counted), with a minimum of five (5) officers voting. If not enough officers vote on a new member, the trial period will be extended until the minimum five (5) officers are available to cast a vote.
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